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Our mission at Fantasy Fitness Factory is to create fun experiences and to celebrate the unlimited potential of a badass community through body movement! We strive to help you build character by providing diverse pole, dance, and fitness courses.

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May you take pride in your practice.

With kindness, love, and enthusiasm, we deliver fun, challenging, and unique classes instructed by thoughtful leaders who empower excellence. We believe in character and working on something that you are proud of yourself for.

May you be the Diva or Superstar that you are!

The Fantasy Fitness Factory studio is a stage for you to perform your best self! We provide a haven for you to create and express yourself. In a community of badasses, let YOUR OWN practice shine bright! Be the Diva that you are!

May you feel that you belong.

May you enjoy your practice.

Whatever style you carry, let our courses and grooves of our playlists make you feel confident and sexy! Allow yourself to enjoy your practice to make LEARNING and working hard on yourself a fun experience. 

Fantasy Fitness is a haven where individuals coming from all levels of fitness and dance are welcomed to a warm, encouraging community. We instill a safe place for every person to create their own dance/pole journey and respect each others' background - race, gender, identity, etc.


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We are a pole, dance, and fitness studio located in San Marcos, CA and Poway, CA.  With fun class sizes and one-on-one training, our students are able to develop strong foundations to develop and flourish. We have Pole Fitness Alliance certified instructors to ensure a fun and safe learning environment!

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