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By attending class, you agree to the following:


RESPECT ALL - Yourself, Instructors, Other Students, the Facility, and Time (Please arrive 10 minutes prior to class, contact Fantasy Fitness Factory if you will miss class or have an emergency, Late cancels 12 hours before class will be deducted from Punchpass Credit, No refunds UNLESS DIRE EMERGENCY). If you arrive early, please keep quiet for class in session.

SAFETY - Let your instructor know if you have any medical conditions at the beginning of class. Listen to your body, take breaks if needed and hydrate. To ensure the safest environment for you and your fellow classmates, no drugs nor alcohol on-site allowed. No consumption of drug or alcohol prior to class. We have the right to deny individuals who are not sober (no refunds).

CLEANLINESS - Keep your area clean and neat, Wipe your pole with 70+ rubbing alcohol at the end of each class. If you borrow any items, you borrow at your discretion. Please clean items/accessories before and after borrowing.

CAMERA - Recording footage is allowed during open pole and designated times during all other classes. If anyone is in your perspective, please ask permission and respect their decision.


* This is a safe place to have fun with your workout attire: Glam up or Grunge up!

* Skin contact is required to grip the pole  for Tricks, Spins, and Intermediate + Level Classes

* Please do not wear lotion or have oils on your skin. It will be difficult for your pole grip.

* We have chrome poles. If you need us to accommodate your needs such as religious and health reasons, we may provide a silicone pole to which pants/leggings, long sleeves, gloves are highly recommended. Sports bra, tank ok, barefoot or stripper platform shoes ok. Please reach out to Fantasy Fitness Factory prior to class so that we have time to change out poles.


All classes - Sports bra, Tank top, Bathing suit top, Shirt,

No exposing of nipples


Leggings/Pants - Low Flow Pole & Floorwork, Exotic Pole, Exotic Sculpt, Chair 

Short shorts, Booty shorts, Bathing suit bottoms - 

REQUIRED FOR  ALL Tricks and Spinning Classes

All other classes (and recommended for most classes)

Twerk Classes

No G Strings or Exposing Private Areas

Sweat Pants - Twerk Classes or Warm-Ups


    Barefoot >>> OK - Tricks, Spinning Pole, Conditioning, Beginner Low Flow/Floorwork, Floorwork, Beginner Exotic Pole, Exotic Sculpt, Pole Pump, Flexibility/Stretching , Yoga, Chair, POLErcize, Polét, Pole Booty and Twerk

    Stripper Platform Shoes >>> Recommended - Tricks, Spinning Pole, Conditioning, Beginner Low Flow/Floorwork, Floorwork, Beginner Exotic Pole, Exotic Sculpt, Pole Pump, Chair, Intermediate + Classes

    High Heels >>> OK - Chair, Burlesque Classes, Heels Classes (must be clean)

    Sneakers >>> OK - Hip Hop, Other Fitness classes (must be clean, no street /everyday shoes)

Knee Pads:

REQUIRED FOR  ALL Floorwork and Exotic/Low Flow Pole, and Dance Classes (available to purchase on site)



Yoga Mat *Required for POLErcize

70+ Rubbing Cleaning Alcohol (available to purchase on site)

Towel for cleaning  (available to purchase on site)

Towel for sweat
Pole Grip (available to purchase on site) (No Aerosol Grips)

Extra Hair Ties

A good attitude, open mind, and a smile :)


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